Chateau Franc Patarabet, property in the heart of Saint-Emilion

Our property in Saint-Emilionan area of a little over 4 hectares, is located at the foot of the village of Saint-Emilion and in the immediate extension of the hillside of Pavia, near the place called Patarabet.


Our sandy soils and clay-limestone are therefore representative of the appellation Saint-Emilion grand cru. The vines of the property is predominantly Merlot, complemented by Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon, and the average age of the vines is about thirty years. We will replace currently our oldest vines and maintain the dominant Merlot with cabernet Sauvignon.


It is in the spirit of tradition, sustainable agriculture and respect for the environment that is driving the culture of the vineyard Franc Patarabet. So we do have a no manure or chemical weed control, and use of insecticide.
Also since the year 2021, the property and the vintage wines are certified HV3.

Yields are moderate to promote ripening of the grapes and the quality of the wines produced.

The wine is made the traditional way, is carried out in vats vats of small capacities under the control of a team of oenologist and professional. The wine is made in barrels French oak renewed for a third party for a period of approximately 12 months, until the bottling, which is done on the property.

We have built in recent years, a new winery among other gains to improve our capacity to work post-harvest and a better control of the temperatures. 

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