Our History

It is in the middle of the 19th century, in 1845, Michel Barraud began to create the vineyard Frank Patarabet. He passed on his love of the vine and wine to his son Leopold ; the latter was at the same time manufacturer of ploughs, a blacksmith in Saint-Emilion and wine grower.

Temperament is very dynamic, it enlarges the surface area of the winery. As early as 1882, he participated in competitions and exhibitions throughout France, and he won numerous medals of bronze, silver and vermeil. Among other things, a quote at the Universal Exhibition of Paris in 1889 ; a Gold medal in Pau, another in Toulouse in 1891. In 1895, in the Third exhibition of Bordeaux,he was awarded a Bronze medal with a wine of 30 years (year 1865) at the same time that a 6-year-old and a 2 year old .... The wine being high at that time between 3 and 4 years in oak barrels, it is one of the pioneers of our modern primeur wines.

From 1905, his son Jean-Paul is actively involved and they present their wines in Belgium, from Liège to Brussels and Ghent. They get Silver medals. In 1914, the castle Franc Patarabet won a Gold medal at the International Exhibition of Lyon and the following year another Gold medal at the exhibition the Franco-Marocaine de Casablanca. An ox was then the work of the land and the transport of barrels among the various wine cellars Saint-Emilion.

Until the second world war, Jean-Paul Barraud in addition to the care of the vineyard and its marketing, was like his father a blacksmith and ensured a trade bike, helped by his wife. The sudden death of Jean-Paul Barraud in 1949, his daughter Paulette Barraud supports the vineyard, the wine and the sale to private customers and the trade, in a context quite masculine at the time.

Paulette Barraud became older, his niece Marie-Pierre Guschlbauer the second with enthusiasm and eagerness. She cares about the reputation of the Frank Patarabet and the presents to different guides (guide Hachette, Gault and Millau, ...). The swiss Franc Patarabet obtains many honors, a sign of the quality of the wines. She develops with her husband for a private customer loyal.

His younger brother Jean-Philippe Faure, to his retirement in turn invests and is soon assisted by his two sons, Sylvain and Pierre-François. The passion for the vine and the wine is transmitted as a "passing of the baton" on 6 generations up to the present day. 

The wine cellars to the property have been up to these past few years at the heart of the city of Saint-Emilion next to the old blacksmith shop.

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